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can you hear it? can you see it? my heart?

I hope it reaches you


being so fucking attracted to someone who’s famous feels so fucking ridiculous like you know you have no chance with them in any way at all like you barely have a chance to fucking meet them

but you still just

are so attracted to them

so, so attracted to them



Late birthday gift to Lau <3 ily<3 You’re awesome c:


It’s fucking sickening how much hate 4L is getting for doing a sexy and lesbian concept on their mv. Like they’re literally being called trashy, lesbians, a shame to kpop, sluts, attention seekers, and what not. And how fucking surprising! It’s all coming from girls. But oh, if it were oppa doing all those moves and doing a gay concept like omo wouldn’t it be so fucking hot!!1! smfh at the kpop fandom like ya’ll should go back to your mom’s womb and mature a little….


"I guess, I gotta feeling." - Hurricane ; B.A.Pinsp. by nohant x  유아인

B.A.P Attack Episode 11/? :: You are too cute ; v ;

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i wish i was pretty enough to get 27310 notes on my selfies lmao


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